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Eric here,

While I’d like to believe it was my boyish good looks or my amazing intellect that earned me the right to share this rather amazing bonus with you guy’s over the past few weeks… it wasn’t… It was pure dumb luck.  And unfortunately my lucks about to run out.

However, if you’re still seeing this, that means you need to shut your cell phone down, put the kids to bed, and get ready to call your boss with your best “So-Sick Voice”

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  • pgs 36-48 House flipping expert Steve Cook shares his “One Year Job Elimination Plan”
  • pgs 72-83 Investing expert John Goldman takes you by the hand, pouring out his best advice about “Finding Your Sweet Spot In Real Estate Investing”.  An absolute must read for anyone rookie investor whose destined for greatness.
  • pgs 96-104 “Real Estate As Your Cash Machine”… Investing Expert Loral Langmeier shares some amazing tips ranging from kick a$$ negotiation secrets to building your own expert investing team.
  • Wholesaling expert Mike Collins is giving you the inside track on this MUST SEE GUIDE “10 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Real Estate Business”… I wish someone had shared this advice with me… I had to learn the hardway (expensive way), now you don’t have to.

And that’s just the first 100 pages… remember there’s 1471 Pages in all.

Keep in mind this is NOT one of those time wasting “Infomercial Style Sales Letters” where the only you learn is how to say NO to some lamo goo-roo… No sir/mam, this guide is filled to the brim with so many profitable tips, tactics, and strategies you could invest for 10 lifetimes and still not use them all.

You won’t just find killer real estate wholesaling advice here’s what else you’ll find…

  • pgs 729-767 Private Money Expert Mark Walters is dropping KNOWLEDGE BOMBS in this tell all guide “How To Find Millions In Private Loans”… I’ve paid thousands for advice that doesn’t hold a candle to what Mark is sharing here…
  • Tight on Cash? Then you’ll want to flip IMMEDIATELY to page 793 where you’ll find Michael Morrongiell’s…
  • “Subject Too Investing Will Make You Rich” and Todd Morgan going to show you how just turn to page 1233 once I’ve sent you’re guide.
  • Wanna learn the Ins and Outs of PROBATE INVESTING, but don’t feel like spending $2,000+ on some overpriced seminar?   Then look no further than page 1271 where the Wizard of probates Arcadio Diaz is spilling the beans, teaching anyone who will listen, how to make a fortune with probates.

If this amazing manual doesn’t get your Greed Glands Pumping like a B.P station, then nothing will… Unfortunately, because I’m not the Publisher (I sure wish I was though) I cannot guarantee availability of this bonus beyond at 11:59 p.m EST.

Don’t get me wrong, this bonus may still be here tomorrow.

In fact, I’d venture to say I’m about 85% sure it will be… but if it’s not… well, I guess you missed out, because as always, once the publisher emails our office to remove this offer, I’ve got just 12 hours to remove the offer or risk losing publishing rights to any future bonuses (this is the best one we’ve seen though)

Enjoy (In-Joy)